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PMFED -- Poor man's Flourish Excel drops ??

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Does anybody know the composition of Flourish Excel ?? The website gives no details. Does anyone have an idea what the main source for C might be? Does it contain phytohormones? What does it definitely NOT contain ? Anyone done testing (conductivity, pH, residues after burning, burning point, [maybe even gaschromatography??]....)

Anyone with a "recipe" for something like Poor man's Flourish Excel Drops PMFED (similar to PMDD= dupla dosing drops ??? )


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I find it fascinating that Seachem has changed the composition of Flourish Excel.
The new MSDS
(Date Prepared: 28 September 2009) shows - Aqueous solution of polycycloglutaracetal.

An older MSDS

Date Prepared: 07 July 2006 shows Aqueous solution of glutaraldehyde

What I can't find is the MSDS from 2008, even in the WayBack machine.
That one listed a x.x% Aqueous solution of glutaraldehyde
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