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PMFED -- Poor man's Flourish Excel drops ??

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Does anybody know the composition of Flourish Excel ?? The website gives no details. Does anyone have an idea what the main source for C might be? Does it contain phytohormones? What does it definitely NOT contain ? Anyone done testing (conductivity, pH, residues after burning, burning point, [maybe even gaschromatography??]....)

Anyone with a "recipe" for something like Poor man's Flourish Excel Drops PMFED (similar to PMDD= dupla dosing drops ??? )


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Algaecidal activity

A polymerized isomer of glutaraldehyde known as polycycloglutaracetal is a fertilizer for aquatic plants. It is claimed that it provides a bioavailable source of carbon for higher plants that is not available to algae. Though not marketed as such due to federal regulations, the biocidal effect of glutaraldehyde kills most algae at concentrations of 0.5 - 5.0 ppm. These levels are not harmful to most aquatic fauna and flora. Adverse reactions have been observed by some aquarists at these concentrations in some aquatic mosses, liverworts, and vascular plants. [4]


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