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Pls tell me physical depth/width of Aquaclear

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I would like to know how far off the backside of my tank an Aquaclear filter will protrude. I'm looking at the 70(300) & 110(500) models. If anyone here owns one of these and a tape measure I would appreciate their help.

I'm planning a 90 low tech and can't decide if I want to use a HOB (because they're just so easy) or go into the attic and blow the dust off of an old Eheim 2026 canister I have. I'm trying to create a "minimal effort" tank here so I think the HOB would be less time consuming over all. I'm just not sure if I can spare too many extra inches off the wall.

Thanks in advance.
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You will need 5" for the 300 but I suggest you go with the 2026 for the 90gal though. I have the 300 on a 17gal tank that has fish my kids are attached to and there is no way either will give good filtration on a 90gal.
2026 all the would only have to clean them every 6 months depending on bio load.
I have nothing but an emporer 400 on my 90 gal and it works good I have Oscar 13" Green terror 7" uaru 4" severum 5" and the water stays crystal clear with WC's every 10 days.
i would 2x emporer 400 but i would do two
I'm wanting to run one of these in conjuction with my Fluval 405 in a 72 gallon..........although I was looking at the Aquaclear 50 or 70..............anyone have one that can measure for me?? My tank sits 5" from the wall and I can't seem to find "actual" dimensions anywhere.......:(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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