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pliable material to form a frame

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Hi all -

I am trying to make a little moss growing area by taking two piece of needlepoint mesh and tying them together with fishing line. This worked great last time and I want to make an even bigger one now. The problem is, I want this new one to have a nice curve to it and I'm not sure how I can get the curve shape.

All I really need is a flexible (but mostly rigid) material to make a little frame from. For example, a wire clothes hanger would work just fine - I could bend it into shape then put the mesh around it. That would be perfect.

But, I'm apprehensive to put just anything into the tank, especially with my beloved puffers in there :) Any one have any ideas about something similar to wire hanger material that is aquarium safe??

thanks!! Dave
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Take the needlepoint mesh and try heating with a hairdryer to get it to bend, if not, a paint heat gun would certainly do it and let you bend it. That's the same way people bend acrylic lily pipes, just a paint heat gun.
have you ever done work with plastics? i remember in school doing some cool bowls and other shapes but you need either a heat gun or a heat plate to warm up the plastic without melting it. you could use a plastic hanger from goodwill or arc if u dont have one. then cut out a space for the mesh to slid into to hold its shape. or just get some stainless 304grade and bend it to the shape u want? something like that work for ya?
For things that I need/want more strength like for dividers, I have tied the small mesh to eggcrate (light diffuser?) cut to shape.
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This stuff is already very thin and floppy. It's like window screen, just made of nylon. So, I need something to make it more rigid, not less! Something aquarium safe, but sort of like a wire coat hanger so that I can bend it into the right shape, then put the mesh around it.

what are coat hangers made of, anyways?
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