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Have Brown longfin Bristlenose 1.5"-2" for $5/each (about 20 available)

F1 L333 2.5" juvies-$25/each(or all 4 for $90)(pic from species profile on URL below)

Information on this fish

Shipping is available, with UPS or USPS. Priority $10(no gurantee) Express $35(gurantee)

I only have four of these guys available.

A little info. These particular species is very hardy. Being F1 which is hard to find. F1= First generation to be born in captivity. Majority of adults you see of these species 95% of the time are wilds. Being F1 they are much more hardier then their parents and not to mention free of disease! If you deal with wild fish, realize the quarntine must go with them..

Who knows what I'll toss in with the people who purchase with these :cool:
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