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Hey all,

My 200L semi planted tank has been so stable for years but I added 10 new neon to the existing 6 (who were all about 4 years old and what was left from a shoal of 10). After adding these 10 I had an older Neon die which I put down to old age, but then two of my German rams died. Water perams were as they always are so I don't think it was a water issue.

I treated the tank with Esher 2000 and exit last week and all seemed good until yesterday.

I woke up and my female bristlenose plec seemed dead in her little cave. I first noticed as her tail seemed quite pail. I lifted it up with her in it and she's wasn't suckered to the cave at all. Just kind of floating about inside it half hanging out as it's pretty small not attached (she's always half in half out!)

I could reach in and touch her tail and she didnt move about at all which I'm sure she did before. Even when I lift the cave out of the water with her in it there was no movement where she normally flaps about and refuses to drop out of the cave.

She's almost 10 years old and I've had her since she was a baby. Her and her partner were breeding and had a batch of fry in the last few weeks and I'm sure I saw her tail moving in there the day before.

After taking her cave out I tried to slide her out of the cave but as her fins were stuck out and she could only come out backwards she was pretty stuck.

By this time I was pretty certain she was dead and In the end I had to pull semi hard to get her out of the cave which ripped her head off 😭 I'm so gutted. She was my favourite fish and has been in the tank since I first got fish.

I'm now second guessing myself that she was dead as I've read about paralysed plecs. I couldn't really see in the cave to see if she was breathing at all, but she would have moved slightly surely??

Is there anything that completely paralyses a plec enough that they wouldn't move at all even if taken out of the water?
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