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Pleco out, but who can replace him?

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I have a common pleco in a 13 gallon tank. I know he will out grow the tank but I'm really tired of all the waste, especially because my filter isn't strong enough to suck it up. If I replaced him, what could I go with? Do I need a pleco or anything similar? Can I add shrimp or anything that crawls around?
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If the purpose of the Pleco is algae, Amano shrimp eat it. Probably the best thing for that sized tank.
So do Nerite Snails and Siamese Algae Eaters but they are too big also and would be better off/w 3-5 of them. The Nerite snails may be good for that tank size but you only need one or two and it's hard to find that few for sale.
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