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Pleco ID please

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I bought this pleco several months ago as a bushynose. It's still small and no bristles just yet.
But it looks so different from my other bushynose that's old enough for bristles.

Any idea what I have? Thanks!

Another pic

Bump: Hoping pics worked, they seem to attach then not open but seems they may be working now (?)


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looks like a wild type BN plec to me. Remember,the females oftentimes don't have much for bristles.I have a fully mature female Albino that seems to have maybe one small bristle.
You'd get more accurate ID over at planetcatfish.

It doesn't look that far away from standard bushy nose...
Great thanks for the help.
Young female common bristlenose IMHO.
May or may not sport any bristles at all on females or very few along upper lip as it matures.
Thats a very nice looking Female Bristle nose indeed. Love the spots.
The colouring and spots on ancistrus tend to change as they go from juvenile to adult.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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