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help! my pleco is going nuts and I do not know why.
I am currently fighting a battle against a large ich outbreak (and wining). I'm using treatments that are safe for plecos(ICH ATTACK: 3tsp every 12 hours in a 20 gallon tank) additionally I do a 20% water change every 6 days and then one day without medicine and with filtering as to help stabilize ph and nitrite just in case. it's been four weeks of treatment and the ich is slowly but surely fading out.
I have a small school of tetras that is around 15 and they are all doing ok (around half sill have ich spots but are acting unaffected). they are very social and like to come up to the glass when you give them food.
I also have a few snails but i don't think they are affected at all.
I have three total plecos: the one going crazy is the clown pleco. the other two are fine (I think).
the clown pleco is very young and only about 1-2 inches (he's hiding so I can't really measure him atm). when I say crazy I mean it, he's going top gun fighter pilot mode and making barrel rolls and loopty loops around the tank and then hiding away.
I turned off the lights and am giving him time to rest for now. I put a little extra food just in case he needs it.
I just did a 20%water change and am carbon filtering the tank with a biowheel and carbon filter and bag of zeolite in case the ph or nitrite is off. last time I checked, the tank was all good for PH and nitrite and all the others.
I have a few plants in the tank, but it's only a 20 gallon tank so I don't think I need a CO2 thing.
All the other fish are fine, but the clown pleco has the ich the worst. it's not substantial, it's small amounts that are hardly noticeable polka-dotted here and there on his sides.

does anybody have experience with this or know of any way to help?

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I don't use medication for ich and more often than not the fish survives. If there are more than one fish with ich I increase to 80 or 82 degrees (depends on the tank). if you have gravel, do some gravel vacs, this is where the ich will stay for the most part. Try to do it in stages, I shoot for 2 degrees a day in both increase and then reduction when it's time to take it back down. Usually don't keep it at 82 for longer than a week.

Also, try larger or more frequent water changes. QT is probably hard to find and catch a Clown pleco, and since your whole take basically is battling it then I would just heat the tank.
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