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Please reply fast! Diatom filter for sale, should I go for it?

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There's a used diatom filter for pick-up at a LFS.

It's the D1, for $40.

Is it worth it? If so, it's first come first serve starting tomorrow, so please give input!
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new they are $60ish with free shipping at
I'd say it depends on how used is used, and how badly you need one.

If you do go to check into it, I would inspect the motor/impeller etc. and ask if theres a return policy just in case.
Thanks for the info.

I guess I'll drop by and see the condition and go from there.

fshfanatic, petsmart doesn't have an online store in Canada. And most likely not in stock at the stores. And for sure not as cheap as American prices.
I wouldn't. I keep ottos, and I have never seen any diatoms in my setup. I would buy a UV sterilizer before I would buy a diatom filter.
i wouldn't buy it unless you really needed it.
its a pain to set up. i dont know how many ppl here run their filter 24/7 but i only use mine when i had to. which was once in a case of horrible green water.
the price is good but if you dont have to have one i say skip on it.
I wouldn't. I keep ottos, and I have never seen any diatoms in my setup. I would buy a UV sterilizer before I would buy a diatom filter.
I think he means a diatomecious (sp?) earth filter for removing things like green water and generaly cloudy water due to small particles.
I want the diatom filter to clear my slightly cloudy water.

From the vortex diatom filter website:

" The Diatom Filter will filter out particles and parasitic life forms down to about one micron in size. We are not particularly after the bacteria. We are after the fish killing parasitic protozoan life forms such Ishthyophtririus Multifiliis (Ich), Chilondonella, Myzobulus Sporozoan, Octonitiasis and other Flagellates, Sporozoa, Leaches, Etc.
It is almost impossible to get rid of all the parasites in an aquarium, but with the proper filtration we can keep the population of parasites low enough so they do not harm healthy fish."
I have used one for many years ans swear by them. I connect a gravel vac to mine and use it for maint only in my nonplanted tanks. Until you have actually used one you cant imagine truly crystal clear water.
I wouldn't give mine up either. I run it about once a month. Once you do the set-up and backflush a couple times it's really pretty simple to operate.
Not hard to use...I have a "freedom" model and its great for polishing or for clearing up a big mess after a major replant (or move like I just accomplished).

Comparing a diatom filter with a UV is apples and oranges in purpose and effect.

Also, a diatom filter does not remove "diatom algae"...yes otos supposedly eat that stuff. Diatom filters are named so since the powder itself is derived from diatoms (which have tiny almost microscopic crevices to trap free floating debris). Excellent for clearing up mucky water or green water algae.

Will not clear up a white haze bacterial bloom.

Its a good investment if you have the money, but not needed. I agree with a test run, and a possible return policy.
These things are so easy to use. Most of the time its user error when something gos wrong. Vortex filters are a must in my opinion. A TOOL of the trade. I use them on emergency cases for clients tanks, and they cant believe how fast it works and how well it polishes the water. There is nothing better for this, in my opinion.
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