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Have you had you colonoscopy? Rectal Colon cancer is a killer. I now have 2 brother with it. One hasn`t long to live. He has 2 tubes in his back going to each kidney,a cathader to his bladder and he has no rectum now,it comes out from a tube in his belly. He was a hiker,caver,biker and loved his kayak. He never smoked and ate healthy. This can happen to any of us. My brother was a fit 190lb man and now is 140lb if he`s lucky. He eats like a baby now. I just heard my oldest brother has the same thing. Please get a colonoscopy if you`re over 40 or have a family history of colon cancer. THE STOOL TEST DON`T WORK.
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Mary raises a very good point. Most of us would avoid a colonoscopy like the plague, (given the nature of the exam), but I think one tube temporarily put in an uncomfortable place would be better than several tubes put in permanently.
A colonoscopy isnt that bad, especially if you get a nice dose of demerol :)

I remember mine in januaray. (sorta) Apparently, I swore at a nurse afterwards..
Said bleepty bleep I can dress myself. I came home and fell asleep for a good 16 hours.. I was definetly very happy from the drugs.

The worst part is the night before, the cleansing of your colon.
This runs in my family too, and we have been urged by our family doctor to start colonoscopy's at the age of 25. I am 23 and already had mine, I had them put me under for the procedure. It is a very scary test when it runs in your family. Thoughts are with you and your family.
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