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please ID this plant for me

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I bought this plant today but i forget to look at the name. Any help greatly apreciated.

Hoping its not something i allready have just grown emersed and made me think it was some mysterious plant.
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Another angle?
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Oval Ludwigia (Ludwigia ovalis)
I'm thinking it could be this also.
Cavan has it right it is definitely Rotala macrandra green in emersed form.

Here is a photo of my R. macrandra red when I grew it emersed:
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Ok I thank everyone for the help it's confirmed to be the macranda by the new growth shoots and all the old leaves are melting away. I like the Emersed form much better, I'm going to top this bunch of plants, replant and then grow the remaining bunch in my Emersed setup.
How much light did it require Emersed to look that red?
My photo is of rotala macrandra red form. The green form will never be that red, it is a different subspecies. I used a 55w power compact bulb with AHSupply reflector about 6 inches above the emersed tub for the stem in the picture above.

Look into micranthemum umbrosum if you like the shape of the emersed leaf, umbrosum's submersed growth looks very similar.
Well I may have a pink subspecies it's getting pretty colourful.
I checked out the plant you recommended and have been trying to find some close by. Some people call it Monte Carlo I think.
It's not a subspecies; it's a cultivar. That's something very different!

The Monte Carlo is a small creeping plant that may or may not belong to H. umbrosum.

Suggest real Rotala indica
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