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Please ID and is this crinum ok

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Hi guys can you ID the two plants in the center of the picture (under the filter intake and heater)

please ID the clover like leaved plant

Also my new crinum is getting some brown in it but doesn't feel soft. Is it ok?

thanks for the help
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is my second picture penny wort?
not sure about the other pics, but that crinum should be fine
mine have been through a lot, and look even worse than yours, but they are a very hardy plant once you have all the requirements down
first picture - left (Blyxa alternifolia) right (Lindernia rotundifolia)
second picture - marsh pennywort
thanks guys
will by Blyxa get some red to it or is that a different form?
I don't think that's Blyxa alternifolia. Looks more like a Mayaca species to me, possibly Mayaca fluviatilis.
Its Sygnothanus Belem. From my recent stem trim to him.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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