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Please help with my 47 gallon scape ideas (/drool over the wood)

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This is a tank I've been fiddling with for almost a week & I just can't seem to settle on an idea. Here are 3 different layouts, what do you think? Any ideas?

The top two is of the most recent layout:

3'x18"x18" Tank
Eco-Complete Fine Live Substrate
Seiryu Stone
Mangrove Wood (Collected on permit)
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Of the 3 shown, I like the 3rd best. The first could be kind of cool with some kind of vine growing up the part that sticks out of the water, but I would move it to one side instead of being centered like that.
bottom picture the best for sure is my vote
Bottom picture

3rd picture

Top two pictures
Bottom picture

Have a gniess day. -Scott
The 3rd
I rearranged it back to how I had it originally and added a few more rocks.

I'm trying to work out what plants to put in there and what to do with the back left corner. I need to get one more bag of eco-complete I think (that'll make 4 O.O)

For plants I was considering maybe a carpet of Eleocharis Belem with a small amount of Acicularis. Maybe poke a piece of Pogostemon Helferi in the knot and some moss on the wood

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Id say the length of that driftwood is limiting your options. Id try to source some more pieces that are shorter and play some more. But of the options you have now your most recent is the best
^true that.
Other option can be breaking this piece. That might be hard for you to do coz you like this whole piece. But that definitely will give you some more pieces to play with.
Right now you are just changing the orientation of the wood.
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