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please help..shrimp dying

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i cant understand why..i got 30 amanos about a week ago and since then 2 have died. all my water parameters are normal as far as i can tell...nitrate 10, ammonia and nitrite both 0, copper is 0 as well and the temp is around 72. there are only 3 mollies and 2 otos in there..its a 55 gallon.(the mollies never harass the shrimp ever)

i always see he shrimp bunched together in one corner like maybe 15 of them in a group in a small space...does anyone know why they r doing this or why 2 of them have died? always on top of water changes and i cant think of any other reasons.
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2 out of 30 ain't bad. Might just be nature running its course. Your parameters definitely seem fine.
What's your ph? They're fairly tolerant, but mine have lived about 3 years in acidic water.
the ph goes from 6.8 to 7.5....loower when the co2 is on, higher when its off.
They probably passed due to transport stress or acclimation stress. I agree that 2 of 30 isnt anything to get worried about. Yet.
the ph goes from 6.8 to 7.5....loower when the co2 is on, higher when its off.
Maybe cut down on the CO2 a bit. Seems like a pretty huge swing on a daily basis.
k...i will reduce it a bit.
thanks for the replies guys, its my first time keeping shrimp...kinda paranoid
Be careful when adding any new live plants with shrimps in there. I lost all of my Japonicas a few hours after adding some new plants. They literally died one after the other - As I was netting the first one out, another died. Then another was obviously not well, but before I could get him, another died. And so on. Within ten minutes of the first one dying, all 6 were dead. Some aquatic plant growers treat their plants with a copper-based snail killer. Any traces on the plants can be fatal to shrimps.

Ive also heard that copper test kits dont necessarily pick up small traces of copper. So even if your test shows 0, there may still be traces that would be enough to harm your shrimps.

If you have a bundle of them huddled together in the corner, there is definitely something wrong. Especially if they huddle around the filter pipe or try to get out of the water. Could well be the pH swing though.

If solving the pH swing doesnt solve the problem, try looking at other things. Do you use liquid plant food? A lot of them have traces of copper in. What else do you put in the tank? Have you used any meds lately? Have you added any decor that has come from another tank that may have been treated with something?

Hope you solve it soon.
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Everything I have ever read says ph swings due to co2 don't matter... I also don't think you should worry about copper in your fertilizer.

I think they were stressed and probably old anyway and it was their time to go. Don't worry about it.
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