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Please help me purchase what I need to for my Co2

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Hi guys!

I need some help. I am really wanting to do Co2. I have gone back in forth with doing the yeast/sugar mix and pressurized. I know pressurized can cost a little more but I recently found an article that talked about its advantages, and how it be only slightly more expensive in the long run, but produce better results. My problem is that I do not know exactly what to buy. I was hoping somebody would be kind enough to help me pick exactly what I need piece by piece, so we can ensure it'll work out.

This what I have so far
24oz Co2 Tank
On/Off Adapter+Gauge
Tubing/Bubble Counter/Diffuser
Check Valve

I think that is it. Would these items work for me? or does anyone have any other suggestions?

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truthfully, that Aquatek will be least amount you will spend. I have one at my house used it and it works great, but pressurized systems go up from that price. if you are thinking of doing that, look to spend @ least 100$ or more. You can make one for cheaper than you can buy a pre-made one, just depends on how much you want to get into it. BUT I will tell you from personal experience get something quality, it will last a lifetime, get something cheap and you will most likely buy another (I did and there is a HUGE difference, ugh). Check this article out, its all about regulators.
I would advise against using the on/off turn valve, Had one, used it like a month and switched out to something that was reliable. just my 2 cents though.
Good luck to you!

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From my limited experience with co2 systems If i had to start all over i would spend the money and get it right the first time instead of trying to cut cost and replace everything over and over again till I gave up and sank the money into a decent system (at which point it cost 3 times the amount). I don't think i could ever use a regulator without a solenoid again, the less i have to manipulate the less likely i am to destabilize my tank.
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