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Please help me ID this thread like stringy plant!

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I've had these things as hitchhikers since day 1. Anyone have any idea what they are? it's the bright green strings in with the Java moss...there's random small round bits at certain intervals of the plant/algae/thing....

Thank you in advance!
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They look like bladderworts to me.
I thought so too, except there is no branching... they're all one linear piece...

except obviously, it's not that straight :/
Huh. I have this too, showed up with riccia, thought it was part of the riccia plant! I'm very currious!
Awesome :D couldn't find U. Gibbiceps, but I did find U.Gibba which looks quite similar to what I have.

found the picture here

thankyou for solving the great mystery!
The round bits are its bladders.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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