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Please can somebody help me with my questions?

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I am going to be getting a juwel rio 125, i am hoping to make this an amazon biotope planted aquarium. I dont know what the difference between hi and low tech is so bear with me and please tell me what tech type my tank will be by the time ive finished with it please.

The lighting that come with the rio 125 is 2 28 watt t5 tubes, as the tank is 33 us gal, this will give me 1.69WPG, if i add a 18inch 15 wat t8 tube that i currently have, i wil have 2.1 WPG, will they both be enough? Reccomendation please.

I will hopefully be buying my stuff of this website, and

For CO2, i will hopefully get the "Tetraplant CO2 optimat kit" or the "Red sea turbo CO2 Bio System" (can be found here: )
Has anyone had any experience with these two systems? Another option for CO2 is the nutrafin yeast system.

For my susbstrate, i will hopefully get some black gravel and this will be on top of some "Tetraplant complete substrate". This tetra substrate comes in wither a 2.8 or 5.8 kg tub. Which would i need for a 32x14 inch base? And how much would i need to put in?
There is also a number of different additives on this site , can somebody have a quick look at these and tell me which ones would be needed to make the tank look at its best?

Now we come to plants. I would like a carpeting plant that doesnt grow to quickly, can anyone reccomend?
On greenline there are sets of plants that can be purchased: which set would be the best to purchase, bearing in mind the tank is roughly 50cm, 20 inches high.
There are also induvidual plants on this site: , would i need to buy any of these if i bought a set of plants?

For decor, i will be using wood (bog or mopani) which ever is best and i will also be using rocks and stones to create a natural riverbed look. Does this sound ok?

For filtration, i will be using the standard Juwel filter and i will also add a canister to get good filtration, does this sound ok?

For stocking, i thought about this:
10-15 cardinal tetras
6 rummy nose tetras
6 cory cats
2 german blue rams
maybe 2 angelfish (these would need to be added at a young age and small size along with the tetras to make sure they wont eat the tetras when fully grown)
1 albino rainbow shark, i have one currently and he is very gentle and not at all aggressive.

Right, sorry to create such a large post, i feel sorry for you aall reading it :icon_redf :icon_lol:

Does this setup sound good to you guys? Is this high or low tech? Can you please try and answer most of the question i posted during the essay of a thread?

Thanks a lot (in advance)
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c'mon guys, im sure someone can answer my questions, even if it is a long post :hihi:
The latter.
All of it.
The last one.
For the most part.
Absolutely :)
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thanks, i now can buy equpiment lol
idk if this will help but on my ten gallon i just have 1, 15watt coralife plant lamp
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