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plat reccomendations for rear surface of driftwood

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Hello all -

My tank is slowly becoming more and more 'complete' and I'm happy with the plants I've chosen. There is really only one more place that is bare and could use some plants - that is the rear-facing surfaces of the big pieces of driftwood in the tank.

I don't have a pic to make this more clear, unfortunately, but the idea is: I have a huge amount of driftwood in my tank, much of which consists of longer pieces that are sloped forward, from the rear of the tank towards the front. That means that there are areas of the driftwood that are at a moderate angle and are facing the rear of teh tank. Since I have a corner tank and it's quite deep and bowed front, these areas are still easy to see.

I am wondering what types of plants are be affixed to these pieces of driftwood. If I don't do something, the whole are will eventually get covered in xmas moss which I don't really want. I also have a really nice Java fern growing up front, but I don't want any more.

I was thinking maybe some anubias? Are there any plants other than the anubias/java fern/mosses that can attach to the driftwood?

These surfaces are about 8 inches off of the substrate so they will get solid medium light and CO2.

any suggestions much, much appreciated!! thanks Dave
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Any ideas about this? :)
If you wanna go out of the water:

Tom Barr
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Wow! looks great, but I am building a canopy so everything needs to be below the water line :)
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