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Plastic Metaframe???

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So I just bought a 30 gal breeder from CL for $30 came with the stand and hood so i thought it was a pretty sweet deal anyways the hood I have never seen anything like maybe its because i'm too young but the hood is made of all metal and i cant even use it because my filter doesn't fit in the cut outs...anyways the tank (which is very thick glass) and stand both say metaframe on it however when i look up metaframe i don't see any tanks with plastic trim? can anyone give me some insight about this because i cant find anything online? the person i bought it from said it was quite old that it belonged to her father and he kept fish when she was a kid....
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If it is what I guess it is one of those tank with metal frame and slate bottom. If I were u I would reseal it and upload a pic

I want to get one of those never had a chancw:D

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If I remember right metaframe did have a plastic frame tank when the change from metal took place.

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oh i guess nobody kept them because i can't find anything about it and the hood has no seal so i cant tell what brand it is here are pic of the hood they are not good pics

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Metaframe, Pemco and a few other mfg's made the stainless steel framed tanks before plastic framed tanks became commonly available.

It is more difficult to find intact SS hoods so very nice find for you!! However, the fixture may need to be rewired so it is properly grounded to avoid the potential for an electric shock when touching the metal hood. This isn't an excuse to throw it out because many people are looking for these to complement their old SS tanks.

BTW, I think the hood is worth more money since the removable tabs for adding any equipment are still intact and the hood looks in good condition. It just needs a little bit of polishing with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner to make it sparkle like new.
Hoods and tanks often get mismatched. May be one old and one newer.
Hoods and tanks often get mismatched. May be one old and one newer.
Might be, but I think the plastic frame tanks come out before the plastic hoods. I don't remember a plastic hood from meta frame. I think perfecto was out then.

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that hood alone is worth the entire price you paid!
Ive seen lids like that go for 2 to 3 times that price on e-bay...
yeah i love the hood i think it looks so cool thanks for the heads up i don't want to get shocked lol

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