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So I decided to give plasma light a try even though there is very little information on people using them on a planted tank. The technology is still very expensive and might not go down with LED's improving so fast. The lights are not available in lower wattage, so the light is being wasted to balance the tank. I still haven't found a led light setup that is a point source of light, that I like. Coming from using metal halides, I like the look of shadows in a tank.

The fixture I selected was the Gavita Pro 270, 300 watt plasma light. It's being used on a 120p, 90 gallon tank. I think ideally, a 120p would have two 150 watt lights to have even coverage. The fixture is raised 1' above water level and glosso grows tight to the substrate. At 1' the light has an even spread of 4' squared. The color of the light is great and very natural. It starts up similar to a metal halide. No problem with growing red plants, and the plant growth is a little too fast for my taste, so I might raise the pendant or reduce the light cycle. Right now it is on for eight hours.

In contrast, the led fixtures I was using could not grow glosso like a carpet (glosso would grow vertical). I might buy a par meter to test things out.


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