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Plants won't stay planted

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When I set up my tank, I used a substrate designed for ponds. Fairly course, some nutrients (according to the bag). Plants growing well with EI ferts but my stems won't stay seated. Can I add pool filter sand to the top to keep my greenies in place or am I better off re-doing the entire thing with Eco-complete? Any ideas?
Naugtymamaxxx Cam
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Hi Todd

I use a small piece of a plant weight strip attached to each stem when I plant them. They stay in place.

This is what I do. I use tin snips to cut them. I get a plant weight strip and fold over ~ ¼" or ⅜" on one end of it. I use my tin snips to cut a "U" shaped piece off of the plant weight strip. I then place this "U" shaped piece near the bottom of the stem plant and gently squeeze on it until it is just snug, but not crushing the stem. I then plant it and do the rest of the stems the same way. They stay in place until I pull them up. Then, the little piece of plant weight strip comes up with it and I can use it over. This works very well.

I hope this helps you.

Left C
If you add sand on top of a larger substrate, the sand will work it's way down over time. I usually do the same thing as LeftC. Also how long are the stems you are burying? Into how deep a substrate?
I just stick the plants further down into the substrate, sometimes even a small leaved section for 'traction.' Roots happen pretty quick.

As they said, don't add any sand, at least not to fix this problem. I know your pain though, SMS substrate is the exact same way...
I have about 2 or maybe 3 inches of substrate, the stems are 8 or 10 inches long that I'm planting and I am burying them to the bottom.
Mature Cam
I use wieghts on some and others will stay, it depends on the size of the stems and actual type of plant. Those with large tuberous stlks, hold air and need to be weighted down, while others with less circular area will stey down with out wieghts. Good luck.....Maximo
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