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Plants that pearl like mad

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Whats up guys,

Thinking about starting a new tank, calling it " pearlescent ", and it would feature plants that go absolutely gang busters with pearling given the right parameters.

I think I want to stay away from typical stem plants, like any kind of rotala for this build.

So far the only plants that I can think of that go absolutely crazy are Blyxa and pearl weed. I have seen both of those go bonkers.

Any other plants that you can think of that give off pearls like crazy?

Thanks guys
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Looking in my 40L as I read this post, three come to mind.
Golden Nesaea, Staurogyne Bihar, and ambulia.
The only thing not pearling in my tank is the buce.

The golden Nesaea is a color like no other, makes it unique.
Bihar is really cool with the serrated leaf look.
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