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Plants that my dwarf gourami won't eat?

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I planted Rotala Green before going out of town for 5 days, and when I got back and checked my tank out, I have nothing but the stems left of them. I'm really disappointed...I was really excited about having them.

The Gourami has proven to be difficult to catch, so I'd rather not stress my other fish out, disturb my plants, etc, and I will just build my tank around this one stupid fish. :hihi:

Any ideas? I have Amazon swords, wisteria, rosafilia, anacharis, red tiger lotus, corkscrew vals, anubias, windelov..a few others, with no problems. I am giving up on the Rotala, Cabomba, and this other feathery thing that I can never remember the name of..

I'm hoping for a bunch type plant that will look nice up against one of the sides of my tank, midground.
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