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eTime to trim grown plants and unload extra painted fire red shrimps in my tank.
Available stem plants & shrimps are as follow,
Bacopa Australis - /5 stems
[STRIKE]Rotala Macrandra Red - /3 stems[/STRIKE]
Limnophilia Aromatica - /5 stems
Rotala sp Colorata - /5 stems
Lobelia Cardinalis Dwarf form - /rooted stem
Round Pelia - golf ball sized portion
Crypt Wenditi Green - 15 inches tall stalk

*Adults* Painted Fire Red Shrimps (>1/2 inches tall).
10+2 shrimps -
Added extra 2 shrimps for in case of DOA. Packaged in Kordon breather bag, boxed with protected materials such as styrofoam or sponge materials)[/STRIKE].

Please mind your weather around since there is NO DOA guarantee for the plants and shrimps.
PM me for any question, and please ask for combined shipping with plants and shrimps.
Flat $6 for the USPS priority mail for shipping plants, and $8 for shrimps.


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