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hi everyone,

I'll start with my oodinium question first: had an outbreak in my 20H, didn't have too many fish in there (betta + 7 rasbora [sundadanio axelrodi & microdevario kubotai]) so I moved them to my ~11-13gal QT tank and am treating with Quick Cure. today is the third day. there are three nerite snails still in the tank.

my question is: how long before the tank is "safe" to add fish or inverts to again? I know oodinium's lifecycle is estimated 7-10 days (during which they must find a host, or consequentially die), but I was wondering if anyone had firsthand experience with this? internet searches are turning up conflicting answers.

I know oodinium's highly contagious between fish, but I would also like to know if it is possible for inverts such as shrimp or snails to be carriers? I am considering adding some amano or cherry shrimp to my tank in the meantime while I continue to treat my fish in QT, and wouldn't want to put them back in the tank for them to just get infected all over again...

okay second question & I apologize if these questions are stupid lmao. first, pictures:

so ever since I re-scaped my tank (and before as well), it appears that the leaves on my plants, especially my oriental sword and sunset hygro, are dissolving/disintegrating, like they are corroding from the outside in. everything looks ill right now, and a little bit dusty. prior to the rescape I treated the entire tank with Ich Attack for around 3-4 weeks or so, and did not see much melt. pics of the tank right after planting in the link in my signature.

here are my tank specs:

tank: 20H
substrate: ~45lbs eco-complete black
filter: fluval aquaclear 30 HOB
heater: 100w ViaAqua ceramic heater
lighting: 24" finnex planted+
ferts: excel 3x weekly, flourish 2x weekly, though since I have moved my fish out of the tank, I have been dosing ferts in small amounts every day.

water params:

pH: 7.2
KH:4 dKH
GH:3 dGH
NH3: 0ppm
NO2: 0ppm
NO3: 0ppm

when I had the fish in the tank, my readings for NH3/NO2/NO3 were exactly as theyre listed above. is this solely a nitrogen deficiency?


java fern (x2, on branches)
hygro sp. "japan"
lindernia sp. "india"
sunset hygro
crypt wendtii "brown" (?)
ludwigia sp. "ruben"
another type of ludwigia, not sure on species.
echinodorus sp. "oriental"
crypt "green gecko"
& some pennywort I have floating.

thank you for all your help!!

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What is the temperature of the tank? Parasites life cycle has a lot to do with temperature. The higher the temp the faster the life cycle. If the tank is around 86 degrees then I think the tank would be safe in 7 to 10 days (without fish in it). I always add a few extra days to be safe. As far as the shrimp and snails I'm not sure if they can carry that parasite or not, its always safe to assume that everything is a possible host. I would not add shrimp just yet, I would wait till your absolutely parasite and medication free in the main tank and QT tank before you get shrimp. Make sure you quarantine the shrimp. As far as your ferts looks like you have micro's but not macro's. NPK are your macro's 0ppm nitrates is not good you want about 5-10ppm. I assume you are lacking in phosphates and potassium as well. Look into getting macro nutrients. Dry ferts are way cheaper in the long run.

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so... funny story... yesterday I woke up & was getting ready for work when I spotted a weird film on the top of the water (my tank stand is also my dresser lol) and smelled it... lo and behold it smelled exactly like this fancy perfumed lotion my sister gave me. I think it must have been on one of my nets/tools and I was careless... either way, did a water change and everything is starting to come back, for the most part. ooops :x

thank you for your response, greaser! my tank temp is set to ~84F right now, so I will raise it a bit more and hold off on the shrimps... I believe my nitrate deficiency is from my tank being ""understocked"" in the past, I will definitely be looking into macros, thanks!
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