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My tank been setup for several months, so it cycled and no fish have been added yet, but the plants are doing really bad.

Tank info;
125 gallon
55 gallon sump
light 4 t5 HO bulbs, total 320 watts, but only run 160 watts, 2 bulbs 7 hours a day.
high pressure CO2 10 lbs, direct into sump with needle pump

miracle gro organic choice capped with caribsea tahitian moon sand.
also using root tabs along with ferts. plants have been in the tank for 2 weeks, it this just normal or am I doing something wrong? I am also still adding ammonia every day to keep the cycle going. I have fish to add, that have been in qtank for 2 months, just was trying to get plants sorted first.

Vals - jungle I think
Dwarf sag
several types of swords (leafs are falling apart)
hornword just falling apart as well
Purple Cabomba moving it around today and it just feel apart in my hand nothing left to it.

Ferts see following list.
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
KNO3 - 1.5 tsp 3x a week
K2SO4 - 1.5 tsp 3 x a week
Fe/Iron Chelate 11% - 1/2 tsp 3 x a week
Plantex CSM+B - 1 tsp 3 x a week
Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday
KH2PO4 - 1/4 tsp 3 x a week
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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