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Been off and on, but I'm back onto planted tanks with a 5g, hi-tech setup. It's an old Fluval chi stripped of its original lighting, so it's a tall cube tank.

Ideally, I'd like mostly slower growers, with one or two exceptions. Here's what I have so far. A sanity check or further suggestions would be much appreciated!

  • Bucephalandra Lamandau 'Mini Red' (some foreground and to grow on driftwood)
  • Elatin Hydropiper
  • Fissidens Fontanus
  • Bolbitis Hetercolita Difformis (mini)
  • Alternanthera reinecki 'mini'
  • Hemianthus micranthemoides
That's a lot of plants, but I'm hoping to use them sparingly.

Other stats:

  • CO2 paintball setup
  • Zoomed 501 fitler w/ lilly pipes
  • Fluval Nano LED
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