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Plants in Its natural Habitat; Java ferns, Crypt. Affinis, Fissidens & moss!

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Here's some plants I collected in the wild; Microsorum pteropus, Cryptocoryne Affinis, Fissidens sp and Christmas moss.

Cryptocoryne Affinis flower.

Cryptocoryne Affinis in full sunlight & fast moving water.

took some of these :red_mouth

Java ferns (Microsorum pteropus) more than 12 inches!

Christmas moss

Fessidens sp

some of java ferns I collected..

these are ready to put in your tank lol


Water level is so low in the stream, since its a dry season here..
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Wow, always neat to see these plants growing in their native habitat, also really cool how you can just go for a walk and find plants to use in your tanks! Always wanted to go somewhere where I can do that
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