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Plants growing towards center of aquarium

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My lighting consists of 3 T5's and one LED strip which has helped me grow some luscious plants. The T5's are about 6 months old and are run 8 hours a day. I've noticed recently that my background plants are no longer growing vertically but are now starting to 'lean' towards the foreground. Does this mean my T5's are getting old and aren't putting out enough light anymore?


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In general all plants will grow towards the strongest light source.
However in the case of L. repens, the plant with the red arrows grows at a 45* angle when it has enough light. Other plants like rotala rotundifolia also bend when they have (too much) enough light as they want to cover more ground and shade (outcompete) other plants.

However another thing could be said about the plant on the sides like Bacopa (right) and Nesaea? (left). It seems your lights do not spread the lenght of your aquarium so the sides are in shade. this is why you can see these plants growing at an angle.

If it is possible aim for uniform light distribution. I presume you could also move the led strip to direct the plant growth as you want it.
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