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Recently, I went to Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada. There was this lake with lots of plants. I took several plants that looked similar to giant hairgrass home. The plant grows to at least two feet tall from what I could see from the shore. After quarantining the plant for several days and soaking it in hydrogen peroxide, I added it to my tank. Do any of you know what species it is?


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Theres many species of North American eleocharis...

Found this though, this species ranges all the way up the west coast even into Alaska, and apparently is common plus grows tall. There's a good chance it might be this but again, there's so many and many need to have the little nut or flower up top to tell them apart best.
Could be frogbit
Giant hairgrass is a native plant to the southeastern US. I doubt it would survive a Canadian winter, though I do know parts of BC are pretty mild.

Here's a list of eleocharis that are found in New England. Handy site with range maps, characteristics and commonly confused species. Genus: Eleocharis (spikesedge): Go Botany

Some in this genus are so similar I'd never be able to tell them apart.
Just make sure you don't import some kind o weed that would later get into a nearby river or lake and devastate the ecosystem. This hobby has done a lot of damage already.
Yeah, that's a big problem in my area. Thanks for the reminder.
The plant with the floating leaves is Brasenia schreberi. It's related to Cabomba.

As for the Eleocharis, it's impossible to say what species. Without fruit, we can only guess. There are only a handful distinctive enough to be identified without a proper botanical examination of fertile material.
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