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Plants for Trade or sale in Redondo Beach

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[STRIKE]A BIG Red Rubin Sword, [/STRIKE] -- Traded
[STRIKE]A medium Red Rubin Sword[/STRIKE] -- SOLD
I have a bunch of Frog bit. - RAOK with any trade
[STRIKE]And I may be willing to get rid of some Crypts (~10" tall)[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]They are Cryptocornye Wendetti, Green and Wendetti, bronze.[/STRIKE] -- Traded

[STRIKE]Melon Sword (10") - Very Nice[/STRIKE] - SOLD

Please PM me if you have any plants for trade, I am also willing to sell these above super cheap. ~$2-3 a plant or for a Big portion of Floaters:proud:

Thank you
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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