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I've been selling some of my fish because of an impending move and a refocus.

One of the people I sold some fish to saw my tanks and decided to setup a planted tank. I loaned him a couple books and the amano catalog and suggested a couple media options.
He has eco-complete for media and about 2 WPG. He doesn't run CO2. I've given him a bunch of plants but there are some additional plants he wants to try...

I gave him (He has)...
-java moss
-anchor moss
-regular java fern,
-hygro (the white veined one)
-Hygro difformis
-Polygonum 'sao paulo'
-American vals

Problem is I didn't have a ton of plants (he set up the tank after I had just done a trim). I gave him what I could.

He would like to try...
-java fern narrow or other non-regular form
-anubias (he really wants this one)
-any basic crypts
-dwarf vals (spiral or reg)
-spiral vals
-hygro corymbusa

Basically he needs more stems of fast growers while his tank cycles, and he wants to try anubias since they are tough little plants.

If you have some plants to share, please let me know. If you can put together a package, drop me a PM and I'll let him know. He's serious about buying and he is a serious hobbyist who has had rift lake tanks for awhile but wants to try planted tanks...
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