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Yeah I said it!! Aggressive fish and plants!! I know they aren't suppose to be kept together but I've been reading about a couple people's success with cichlids that are not as aggressive as most and plants that are hearty and fast growing and foul testing. Someone mentioned Amazon swords as a potential candidate. I would like to hear someone experience on this topic and what conditions they kept the plants under.

what size tank
what types of plants
how many plants
use of fertilizers
type of substrate
what type of fish
how many fish
use CO2
watts per gallon of lighting
type of lighting
any other methods of keeping the plants in the substrate (i.e. weights, ties, driftwood, rocks).

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Tank: 46 gal Bow Front
Lake Tanganyika cichlids
Altolamprologus calvus
Chalinochromis brichardi
Julidochromis dickfeldi
Neolamprologus buescheri

Plants: Giant Hygro, Vals, Sunset Hygro and Java Fern

Substrate: Shultz

Co2: DIY

Lighting: 96 watt PC and 55 watt PC

Never has a problem with plants being uprooted. Even with buescheri breeding all the time. They would dig under the lava rock and not under the plants.

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This is interesting thread to me. I'm planning on converting my 29g high light community tank into a species tank to start a Neolamp. Brichardi colony. I just find the idea really cool and think it will be fun to watch. I plan on the following:

Lower light, probably 1.8 wpg CF
lots of rockwork to create caves (lava rock? not sure)
pool filter sand bottom
pH - 8.5
Hardness - 12 dGH, 4dKH
no co2
HOB power filter, or powerhead/sponge w/ bubbler

plants - java fern, anubias, maybe a smaller vallis or crypt spiralis, a crypt or two possibly.

Conduct, what are your water parameters?

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I have a low light 29 gallon with amazonian swords, tiger lotus, and java moss with a 5" green serevum. These cichlids are supposed to be terrible to plants, but mine just occationally nibbles at the java moss. For a good while I didnt use CO2 or dose in any way, and yet i was always trimming the plants. If I were you, I would be more concerned about digging than really eating the plants up. If you want some agressive cichlids, make sure that you get either mouth or surface spawners. I saw a pair of convicts in my friends tank tear everything up in a couple of hours just by their digging.

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W/Texas Cichlids?

I've tried everything with my Monster Texas Cichlid, Vals, Java fern/moss, Swords, (wild collected) Hygro, etc. He DESTROYS EVERYTHING :angryfire !
I then tried plastic and silk----DESTROYED :angryfire ! He won't even let me put in a suction cup thermostat. I watched him one night trying to move a 15 pound piece of holey rock. When he couldn't, he RAM'ed it with his head. Nut Job! He's also ripped the strainers off of my power filters, attacked my siphon when cleaning, and threw a blue rock out of the open aquarium that my 3 yr. old daughter put in with him. He's violent but entertaining to watch.
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