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Plants food ?

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How type of plants food I can use in my tank which will not change quality water.
I keep Discus and the water have to be : pH 6, KH near 0, GH near 1.
Till one month ago I used Plants Food from Giovanni. Plants growin up so quickly - Cabomba near 20cm per week, but the quality water was not good for Discus. I stopes to put this treatment and now all plants is not really good condition
Have somebody know any Plants Food Company what after using the pH, KH, GH will not change ?
Please for advice
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Pretty sure cross posting across several forums isn't a good idea.

Just to let you know though, dry fertilizers work fine for our purposes and should not affect the water parameters significantly. In addition, as mentioned, you do not need to aim for "perfect" water conditions for Discus. There is nothing wrong with keeping them at (say) a pH of 7.0.
Thx Antony
with the big I mean adult Discus isn't any problem but I have 12 babes discus and they have problem with gills. Thats why try to keep good quality water.
(Sorry for my English isntmy original language - just try to learn by myself )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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