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Plants Dying

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I was hoping someone could take a look at these photos and help. A few days ago I posted in the algae forum because I do have an algae outbreak but I was hoping someone could explain what is happening to my background stem plants. Anubias and S. Repens in the tank, as well some a. reineckii 'mini' is doing fine, even thriving. Background plants are tattered and missing or have decaying leaves from the middle part down, though the tops look fairly healthy. Has some dusty brown algae (or diatoms) on them though. I've attached some photos, hoping someone could take a look. Thanks! :)
My tank is a 33g rimless, 18" tall with a Ray II, dry ferts, paintball co2.
Water parameters:
Ph: 6.6
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrites: 0ppm
Nitrates: 0ppm (don't understand this)
Kh: 6


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Which ferts are you adding and how much and how often are you adding of each? Is that aquasoil?

Can you take more pictures (possibly with a different camera)? It is difficult to see clearly what is wrong.

Quite possibly a macro nutrient deficiency.
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