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Plants Dying

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Hi my plants aren't growing. and pretty much dying. i have a 75g with a lot of plants. i got a few fish including a gold dojo loach and 2 SAE and 5 oto cats.
i have 260w light with 2 x 12000k and 1 x 6700k bulb and 1 x true actinic bulb.
My co2 is coming in next week on friday but right now i am not sure that will help. i am giving it a weekly dose of ferts and my water parameters are fine but with hi nitrates. i am do a 10% weekly water change to lower it so if u planted tank experts have any suggestions i am all ears!

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No co2, high light,ferts? Lack of co2 is probably why
when i do get my co2 how much should i put in to make it work best
You're definitely going to need that CO2! You have fairly high light and with that comes the need for CO2. What kinds of ferts are you adding?

When you do get your CO2 unit, invest in a drop checker so that you will know how much CO2 you're actually injecting (you'll want to have it at about 30 ppm). Blacksunshine sells acrylic ones on here for a decent price or you can buy glass ones on Ebay.
RTC said:
i have 260w light with 2 x 12000k and 1 x 6700k bulb and 1 x true actinic bulb.
Other than the Co2 the next problem I see is your lighting. The actinic while I'm not a fan of it can stay to maintain the cool look but you will need to get rid of the 12K lamps and get lamps within 5000K~8K range if you are after healthy plant growth.
loose the loach (trade for more plants) dojos love uprooting plants and dammaging roots in the process. the c02 should help as well.
what do you think about the 65w coralife 6700k colormax to replace the 12000k?
good choice :thumbsup: I use this over my 20gal and get good colors from my plants.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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