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Plants at Aquascapes

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Are the plants at Aquascapes for sale? I don't see Abby price tags for them.
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Why don't you ask the nice people in the store if they are for sale and what's the price? Usually within the first few minutes of entering the store someone will approach you to ask if you need some help. That would be a good time to ask if a certain plant is for sale and how much it costs. If they are busy already helping another customer, then you may have to ask after they are finished helping them.

But to answer your question, yes the plants are for sale in the two 100 gallon tanks and the 75 gallon tank which are lined up in a row as soon as you enter the store to the right. You need to ask them for prices.

In general the plants in the display tanks and the 30 breeders stacked up in the back of the store are not for sale, but it doesn't hurt to ask if your interested in those plants.

Hope this answers you question as it is the second time you've posted a thread asking the same thing.:icon_roll
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