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smaller version of willow moss, baseball clump extracted from wood on pic
$10 plus shipping SOLD

peacock moss, growing like taiwan for me, but supplier is very good with moss id, generous golfball size(More like two golfballs) see pic
$8 plus shipping

ERECT moss, gauging interest, imported from Poland, $5 for starter portion plus shipping

Syngonanthus package *full stems except lago grande*, belem, manaus, deficiency, madeira, unknown, sideshoot of lago grande
$40 shipped

plant package
monte carlo (half of whats in picture), ludwigia senegalensis 5 stems, rotala indica (ammania bonsai) 3 stems, blyxa plant ready to split
$15 plus shipping

small plant erio japan shiga w/roots $12 plus shipping SOLD

Moss completely algae free, plants may or may not have minimal algae

peacock moss

small willow moss

comparison pic to regular willow moss

erect moss portion





plant package

erio japan shiga

updated pics 4/6/14

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