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Plants and Goldfishes ? Possible? Guides? Suggestions!!

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I am a hobbyist and have recently managed to set up a tank measuring 2.5ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft which has two filters one is a SOBO 1000F and the other one is the normal black medium filter with aeration. I am also using an aquarium heater. I have 10 big goldfishes - fantails and orandas. I loved the planted aquarium set ups and would like some suggestions on how to start and what to put in it. currently there are medium sized gravels in the tank and a few show beach shells. any help will be much appreciated - cheers! :confused:
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If you are goign to do it, I would suggest Anubias- they are as bold as the goldfish.
research up on the varieties- they can handle low light, high nutrients and generally easy care IMO. First and foremost, goldfish produce huge amounts of waste, therefore I would not recommend anything substrate planted if you are looking for easy care (gravel).

Anubias would be attached to wood or rock, which could be removed during cleaning, etc. Very easy, and you can do some pretty amazing things with it.

Test water perimeters often, if needed, frequent water changes
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