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Planting stem plants as a bunch or separate?

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Hi :)

I used to plant my stem plants as I received them; as bunches, as you can see in this picture;

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On the left is Ammania Gracilis and on the right is what was sold to me as "Red Ivy". The Ammania had no roots and as you can see, the Red Ivy has roots flowing out of many places..

Now that I think about it, I've probably been doing it wrong..

Would they grow better if they were planted separately? If so, what's the recommended distance between each?
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They would grow better if separated, in my opinion. :)
Thx Neon!

I was thinking an inch between each stem, is that reasonable or too close still?
You're welcome.

An inch between stems is a great idea.
You definitely want space. Then each plant can put out it's leaves naturally to collect light. If they are bunched, they won't grow as natural since they will compete to get light.
I usually plant myne about half an inch to an inch apart. It's about time for me to trim and pull the bottom stems and replace with the tops as the bottoms have all lost the leaves in order to push to the top.

Always plant seperate
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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