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Planting mishaps and hardscape failures

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So I want to know what are your mishaps with plants or hardscape errors. For me planting dwarf hair grass has always been a nightmare. When I get a pot or package of it, Im never too sure if im sectioning it off correctly, seems like I'm destroying the plant. Planting it was even worse, even with the pincers they would float up at the slightest provocation and I would have to bunch it up again, and sometimes I feel that Im pinching the plant to death and I end up with lots of free floating pieces after I finish planting. Another mishap I've had was with anubias, first I accidentally planted the rhizomes under the substrate, ended up pulling up the plant to replant. Another of my anubias I decided to tie down just refuses to be tied down and it decided that its a lily pad. It's currently free floating now, but I'll get to replant it later. Anyways whats been your nightmare with planting or hardscaping?
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My big moon shape drift wood. It was good in the beginning. However, as I need more room and more light to get to various parts of the tank, I eventually took it out. Plants? Plenty. :) First, cobambas. They eventually grew like weeds and I have to remove 95% of them. I have one sending out "runners" now. LOL It is growing horizontally on the substrate for some reasons. I tried your typical carpet plants. They all failed (fish eating them or uprooting them, not enough CO2 to get them to thrive, or not dosing enough fert). Currently, I have about 20 stems of Staurogyne repens with all the bottom leaves gone. Only the top portion is still intact. New leaves are growing slowly but far from giving the carpet impression look. Here, I am using EI dosing and good CO2. I am still struggling with carpeting my front substrate.

I finally started EI dosing 3 weeks ago after having the tank running for over 2 months. Right now, I learn that I shouldn't plant ANY fast growing stem plants. In my high tech tank, they will (in one week or more) will take over the entire tank. They will grow an inch in couple of days literally.
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