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Had this idea - think it would work?

These days I am wrestling with having plants like crypt balansae
(especially), vallisneria, sagittaria and other plants that spread by
runners in my tank. They tend to spread all over and take up the
whole tank. I can pull them up, but depending on where they sprout,
pulling them can really mess up a layout.

I am also interested in a long-lasting layout. I like slow-growing
plants like anubias, and other crypts, so I don't want to be tearing
down and setting up the tank annually. Ok, I know I could go to the
extreme of a bare-bottomed tank with plants in pots, but I don't think
that would be attractive.

So here's my idea. Take two blub pans, say 4-5" inches deep and 10"
in diameter that will stack, one inside the other. When setting up
the tank, set one bulbpan on the bottom of the tank and surround it
with substrate (e.g., aquasoil) not quite up to the edge. In the
other, plant the balansae, for example, in substrate of choice. Set
the second one inside the first. Plant less-agressive plants, such as
stem plants or crypt wendtii around it so that the edge of the bulb
pans will not show. Or lay a piece of hardscape in front of it.
Then, fill the tank and enjoy!

The idea is that the bulb pan will control the roots of the balansae,
keeping it inside that region. Then, when it gets overgrown and
pot-bound, simply (but carefully) lift the second bulb pan out of the
first, replant the balansae or whatever, and set it back in.

Would it work? What do people think?

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Yes, I'm doing that now in my current tanks. But that crypt balansae - it seems to grow preferentially along the glass or borders, and has actually pushed past the border in the 70 gallon. I guess an improvement on that would be to silicon the landscape border in place.
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