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planting 29g?

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I'm thinking of planting my 29g. I want something like a carpet look maybe some dwarf hair grass in the front and toward the back kind of like a tall grass look. My lighting is a 24" 17w t8 fluorescent bulb on my hood. I don't want co2. My filter aquatop cf400uv canister filter with UV 9w 370gph. How do I start this? Is there soil you can buy from a lfs? The tank is empty because I just got it when they had the $1 gallon sale. This will be my fist time planting a tank too.
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Whether you need or not co2 is determined by the light intensity. If you have too much light without co2 you will be an algae farmer. Often the case.

I strongly reccomend you to buy online for planted tanks, I've only found two LFS that are planted tank oriented and their prices are so high that I only use them in an emergency.

If is your first time doing this, please don't rush and read a lot.

Starting a tank fully planted is the way to go, get the plants form people here at TPT. Is way cheaper. I wish I knew that before.
As for substrate and fertilizers, I like inert substrates and dry ferts. But if you want to dose less and maybe avoid co2, then use an active substrate(has nutrients) and low light.

Please avoid liquid ferts, they are a waste of money. IMO and IME.

Oh, and get a good filtration set up, don't be short on that one big sunsun 304b $90 is fine. Get it on e bay.

I hope this helps to start, and welcome!!
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thanks; I believe my fitter is very good for a 29g. I just got this filter brand new a few weeks ago.
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I agree with buying plants online. I would either recommend checking out or better yet check out the swap and shop forum here. There's always people selling plants for a good price, if your not to picky you might even luck into a ROAK and get them just for the cost of shipping.

Lighting is a big deal too much and you will have algae every where. but you do things like raise the lights or put window screen over the top of your tank to help diffuse the light if you need to.

substrate you can spend as much or as little as you want. Its all personal preference too many options. Also matters if your going with stem plants or root feeders. Can always add root tabs to the substrate so that it has the nutrients the plants need.

Lastly read read and read some more. Trust me the more time you spend doing your homework the better chance you have of your tank turning out how you planned it. Also ask if our not sure lots of helpful people here. goodluck
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pejerrey really summed it up really well. Sometimes less people helping is a sign that they support what has been said.
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