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Hey guys! I currently have an ADA 60-p running but because of other commitments and school work I can't find the time to maintain the tank and filter and such even though it's only 17.4 gallons. The tank has been neglected and as a result is completely covered in algae...I'm looking into down grading into a few options.

Mini M

pros & cons of tank options: If I end up with a 45-p then I will just have to buy the tank equipment wise because I can reuse all my equipment but if I decide to get a mini M I will have to get a new light filter lily pipes ect which is costly... also the aqua soil I have now is covered in algae but can I just throw away the top layer and reuse the bottom half or will the bottom still transfer algae... buying another bag of aqua soil isn't cheap.

plant selection: I'm thinking of just using one foreground plant and maybe complimenting it with a mid ground plant. here is what I have in mind

dwarf hair grass
monte Carlos
staurogen repens
blyxa japonica
hydrocotyle sp japan

I will have co2 injection and between mid to high light with liquid or dry ferts (haven't decided yet) my scape will just be a 3 stone iwagumi low profile and simple. leave ideas below please!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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