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planted update

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Here is my planted discus tank. It's a 64x26x26 tank. Its a low tech tank running on 4x54 tek set up and pressurized C02. The inhabitants of the tank is 9 alenquer wild discus, 30-40 cardinal tetras, 3 rummynose, a couple otto, some cherry shrimp and amano, and a pleco. I took all the angel fish out. They like to eat the shrimps. In the future I plan on adding a beta, but have heard they eat cherry shrimp. I wanted to run my metal halide to have plush but it might cost algae outbreak. Never had a bad algae outbreak so no experience in getting rid of it. I putted up the links because I dont know how to attach images onto here. Also have a pic of my shrimp tank. Pics are not the best no money for a good camera lol. I think I scratched the lens by wiping it with a towel. The pictures dont come out the same as when I just got it.
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Beautiful tanks and fish. That's a good size tank. How many gallons? I gave up making my 125 gallon tank a planted tank. Plants grow slower and the plants get allot of algae growth. I just use my 20 gallon long and 29 gallon as a planted shrimp tank, which are doing well (especially the plants).
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