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I am starting a planted tank and I used orgain miracle grow choice mix for my substrate and toped it of with sand I am going toget a aqatic life t5 dual bulbs ho 24 watts a bulb is this strong enofe for a heaviely planted 20 galoon tall sorry about spelling lol
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Well I havent ordered the light yet have any better ideas max I can pay is 90 for a 24 inch fixture.
I'm not real up to day on T5 fixtures. However, a single bulb Hagen glo comes to mind. I think the light will still be a little high but it comes with a hanging kit. If you are ok with hanging it, then you could raise it up to get the right intensity. If you are just going to have it right above the tank, a single bulb T5NO fixture would work but I have no recommendation for that.

If you read this thread:

You should be able to figure out what you need.
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