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Planted Tank Troubles

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Hi there could some on help me
had my tank set up now for three weeks, the tank come with just two 30W
lights so i change this to four 30W lights so in total i have 120W of light my tank
is 3foot by 17inch 40 gallons in total.
is this light ok, all the lights are T8 as i cant fit any T5 in the top of the tank.
i have the right substrate and a heated cable, i do have a CO2 which you have to pump in your self and it fills a tube and then during the day it releases the CO2 in to the tank.
i seem to have cloudy water which looks very misty, the lights are on 12 hours
a day. i started with brown Algae now is gone to a green over my substrate
and covered my plants so i bined them, that was £90 pounds down the drain
the few i have left are covered in mostly brown Algae.
i also have a oily looking surface at the top of the tank
any help would be great thanks
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1) Even despite the slight inefficiency of T8 bulbs, that's still quite a bit of light over your tank. Probably in the arena of ~100 watts, or 2.WPG.
2) You don't need the heated cable.
3) Do you have a link to your CO2 unit?
4) Put some water in a white cup. Is there a hint of green, or is it still white? If there is even a hint of green, you have green water. If it's all white, it's probably a bacterial bloom.
5) Drop the lighting to 8 hours a day.
6) Brown algae was probably diatoms which are normal for a new tank.
7) The green algae now is due to too much lighting, not enough CO2, no fertilizers.
8) You probably didn't have to throw away all those plants. Some fertilizers, CO2, and algae eaters would've fixed the problem.
9) You need to aim the outflow of your filter return at the surface or get a powerhead and aim it at the surface. It's just surface film and will disappear if you get some surface agitation going.

You can also take a glance at for a more detailed guide regarding planted tanks and their proper setup.
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thanks for the promt reply
1- ive just checked my water in a glass it looks clear with no green tint,

2- the heated cable I will have to keep now its in the substrate,

3-the CO2 is linked by a airline but next week iam changing the CO2 to a
pressurised bottle type with adjustable flow so i think that should be ok,

4- whats the best fertilizers to use what do you use?

5- as far as the plants go I will have to get some more i dont mind as long as
things come right in the end.

6-getting some algae eaters on friday on order 5-dwarf otocincus

7- I did have my powerhead just at the surface and change it thinking it would be better for any CO2 relese in the water but I will change it back

thanks once agine for all your help
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Click the link he gave to to Rex's guide above.
thanks for the link I did look its a good site
yours MICK
hes from england...i think "yours mick" is the same as "thanks, mike" haha...but i could be wrong.
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