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Well here we go again!! I had a 125 gallon with a sump and decent amount of plants but could not keep enough CO2 in it, mixed in with the T5's driving the algae.....I decided to swap the 125 planted to a reef.

So steps in a 75 gallon!!!

  • Rena XP3 canister
  • Hydor ETH 300 watt
  • MTS from the Cryptkeeper
  • Flourite Black for capping.
  • Petrified wood for the rock work.
  • GLA Choice CO2 Reg with 10# tank
  • Old Style GLA diffuser
  • 3 bulb T-5 Catalina with 3 switches for low light/high light.
  • Wood from D.S. Drifter
  • RKL Reef Keeper Lite from reef tank....possibly.
Looking for something that can run on automatic if need be and not have to do weekly pruning unless I want to. But enough growth so the fish can disappear into the growth. So thinking Crypts on compact bushy plants vs stems and overbearing swords. I also want more growth to one side of the aquarium with open swimming on the opposite. This is do to the fact I will be viewing from an angle when seated.
No dosing, hope the MTS taking care of it but will add some N and P as needed.

Working Plant List
  • Cryptocoryne Pontederiifolia
  • Cryptocoryne Crispatula
  • Echinodorus Angustifolia
  • Hygrophila Corymbosa 'Kompakt'
  • Lilaeopsis Mauritiana OR Lilaeopsis brasiliensis
  • Cryptocoryne Parva
  • Various crypts and anubias I have in another tank.
Thoughts anyone? Plant suggestions would be great?

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L. Braziliensis seems to grow faster and cover more ground so I would go with that one in so large of a tank. I would also diffuse your Co2 through your Rena instead of a diffuser. Large tanks have a hard time getting enough through a diffuser unless its a Griggs or Cerges. Othwise, Im looking forward to pics and to see this plan come together! :)

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Update with pics to follow.

MTS in place with Flourite cap, I have a basic scape with 3 peices of wood along with some pebbles and the petrified wood.

Critters- that came from my daughters 55 gallon that we tore down.
Amano shrimp x4
Bristle Nose pleco
Harlequin Rasbora x8
Cherry barbs x7
Female Kribensis
Dwarf Gourami.

Few Needle leaf Java fern and anubius tied to wood.
Couple Rotala Indica Ammannia -Just for fun as I dont plan on stems. Just to help with the intial start.
Rotala rotundifolia -Just for fun as I dont plan on stems. Just to help with the intial start.
Echinodorus angustifolia 'vesuvius' x 3
Crypt. Wendtii x2

I will be ordering plants real soon to fill it out.
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