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Long story short, had 2 planted bowls, 1 fish died, combined plants and last fish into aquarium from days past with some new plants and 3 ghost shrimp. Some of the plants are losing root mass along with drooping in the water. They are the plants in the last picture so i took them out for now. Adding seachem flourite and excel co2 growth additive asap. Do ghost shrimp produce and co2 for the plants or not? The tank is acrylic, needs to be cleaned better and has scratches. The all red betta is the one that died


1. Does anyone use regular gravel for these tanks or is that generally unheard off?

2. Im having problems keeping my dwarf hairgrass seated, using a paperclip, any other ideas?

3. Would flourish excel be enough co2 for these plants?

4. The plant sits by a window with venetian blinds and has a small blue LED light. Is that sufficent light leaking through the blinds and the LED lights or do I need more?


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